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Transformative Communities: Passionately Dedicated to Learning

by Mark Clarke, July 2020

Communities that engage in a continuous discernment process become mediums of God’s co-creative process. These attitudinal anchors create underpinnings which direct their collective energy toward society's renewal. They have an energetic thirst for learning that fosters a synergy for creative imagination that leads to action.

The speed of such societal disruptions as the pandemic, social unrest, technology, etc. continually raise new questions, social concerns, and opportunities to explore new models.  Religious communities today must ask these questions:


How can we become transformative agents in our current culture and context? 

How can we embrace God’s invitation for change in our time of the pandemic, social unrest, and economic disparity?

DA-18 Complexity, Emergence and co-evolu

Complexity, Emergence and Co-Evolution; Notes from the Field

by Debbie Asberry, July 2020

What seems to be happening in many of the individual congregations is a tacit assumption--often aided and abetted by consultants like myself--that the way to support the ongoing evolution of religious life is to ensure the preservation of their existing congregation. That is self-preservation, not evolution.

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MC16 Generative Designers of the Future

Transformative Communities Series: Generative Designers of the Future

by Mark Clarke, January 2020

The world is dancing between rapid societal breakthroughs in all sectors and extreme polarization. Society has entered a process of redefining cultural assumptions while simultaneously, issues like environmental catastrophes of all varieties, and economic destabilization are impacting migration within countries and beyond traditional borders. These fluctuations are asking transformative communities to define their role with greater clarity of purpose, leading to action. Thus transformative communities are being asked to engage in creating visions and direction through collaborative ventures that lead to a just and compassionate society.  

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