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MC16 Generative Designers of the Future

Transformative Communities Series: Generative Designers of the Future

by Mark Clarke, January 2020

The world is dancing between rapid societal breakthroughs in all sectors and extreme polarization. Society has entered a process of redefining cultural assumptions while simultaneously, issues like environmental catastrophes of all varieties, and economic destabilization are impacting migration within countries and beyond traditional borders. These fluctuations are asking transformative communities to define their role with greater clarity of purpose, leading to action. Thus transformative communities are being asked to engage in creating visions and direction through collaborative ventures that lead to a just and compassionate society.  

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Translations available: French and Spanish

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Transformative Communities Series: Contemplative Presence in an Era of Complexity

by Mark Clarke, July 2019

When one reflects on contemplative presence, there is a tendency to focus from the lens of the interpersonal rather than communal.  This article explores the power of the Transformative Community to be instruments of peace and reconciliation when it embodies contemplative presence from a collective perspective. The Transformative community’s essence to the world originates with the acronym, “HOLD” hospitality, oneness, love, and diversity. These four virtues, when connected, establish a safe container for public dialogue and collective action. The interweaving of these core values creates pulsating energy that permeates the Transformative Community’s presence to society.

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Transformative Communities Series: Culture of Change

by Mark Clarke, April 2019

The transformative community at its essence is spiritually connected with all God's creation. They are committed to being a community that fosters an organic level of discernment that endorses an emergent process of seeing the future. There is a recognition that what is accepted today may change tomorrow. They live with a receptive rather than a fixed discernment process. The discipline of this connectivity by the community fosters the ability to embrace being regenerative through living with questions rather than seeking quick solutions. 


The transformative communities' spiritual growth is rooted in the excitement and willingness to move forward into the daunting uncertainty of the journey.

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Dawning Era of the Transformative Commun

The Dawning Era of the Transformative Community-offering systemic and innovative approaches to shape an evolving society.

by Mark Clarke, November 2018

As a discerning community integrates its networks for greater social responsibility, it's essential to be grounded in a compelling narrative. These four disciplines of discernment, social networks, social responsibility and story create the capacity to be spiritual leaders for social change.


Transformative communities are fundamentally pioneers offering systemic and innovative approaches to shape an evolving society. Their spiritual commitment is the continuous offering of concrete solutions allowing them to internalize the gospel message of placing "new wine in new wineskins." This pilgrimage is the essence of their collective spiritual journey.   

At the same time, they are critically aware and reverence both their gifts and deficiencies. These entities embrace the divine call to transcend their momentary limitations.

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Transformative Communities - Integrating Culture, Collaboration and Community

by Mark Clarke, July 2018

This vision catapults the collective body to meet a critical social need by creating a culture and collaborative network to achieve an inspirational dream.  These dreams are historically generated by a small cohort of people who passionately believe in a world not yet imagined.  Today, transformative communities are the catalyst in a world struggling to form groups that seek solutions for the common good.