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CommunityWorks, Inc.

PMB 302
9702 E. Washington Street,
Indianapolis, Indiana 46229

Phone: 317-894-2764
Fax: 317-894-2788


Donna M. Fyffe, Ed.S., President

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Dioceses, Parishes, and Education

CommunityWorks serves both the Catholic and ecumenical community focusing on strategic planning. The planning process supports the diocese, parish and/or school in developing a strong direction with alignment among the diverse ministries or services. This alignment enables the diocese, parish or school to be a wise steward of its resources and fosters a sense of unity and movement. The planning process uses demographic and social trends analysis to help the group make effective decisions. It is a community-based planning process that fosters discernment and consensus among the different constituents.


Services include:

  • Strategic and operational planning

  • Building collaborative relationships within the church system and the wider civic community

  • Forming new models of governance in relation to mergers, clustering and collaboration

  • Parish Council, pastoral team, boards, and administrative staff’s leadership development

  • Executive Coaching



  • All Saints Church

  • All Saints Episcopal Church

  • Christ Church Cathedral

  • Christ the King Church

  • Church of All Saints

  • Corpus Christi Church

  • Emmanuel Memorial Episcopal Church

  • Holy Family Parish

  • Immaculate Heart of Mary

  • Northwood Christian Church

  • Saint Agnes Church

  • St. Alban’s Church

  • St. Anthony Church

  • St. David’s Episcopal Church

  • St. Jean Baptist Parish

  • St. Joseph Parish White Cloud

  • St. Luke’s United Methodist Church

  • St. Mary Church

  • St. Mary Magdalene Parish

  • St. Mary/Holy Family Churches

  • St. Matthew Episcopal Church

  • St. Maurice Parish

  • St. Michael the Archangel Parish

  • St. Patrick Church

  • St. Paul Catholic Center

  • St. Philip Neri Church

  • St. Rita’s Parish

  • St. Thomas Aquinas Church

  • St. Thomas Episcopal Church

  • Trinity Episcopal Church



  • Archdiocese of Agana: Pastoral Planning

  • Archdiocese of Baltimore: Office of Catholic Education

  • Archdiocese of Indianapolis: Catholic Charities, Office of Catholic Education

  • Dayton Deanery: Regional Parish Planning

  • Diocese of Grand Rapids: Parish, Religious Education, and Catholic Education

  • Diocese of Lafayette: Diocesan Strategic Planning

  • Diocese of Lansing: Parish Regional Planning

  • Diocese of Tucson: Office of Catholic Education

  • Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis

  • Lutheran Deaconess Conference

  • International Center of Indianapolis



  • Bishop Chatard High School

  • Central Catholic All Saints

  • Chaminade-Julienne Catholic High School

  • Indiana Non-Public Education Association

  • Indy Reads

  • Lima Catholic Community

  • Marian University

  • Medina City Schools

  • Mid-Atlantic Catholic Schools Leadership

  • Mount St. Mary Academy

  • Mount St. Mary’s College

  • Mount St. Vincent-on-Hudson

  • Notre Dame Preparatory School

  • Office of Catholic Education-Indianapolis, IN

  • Our Lady of Providence Jr./Sr. High School

  • Paremos – T.J. Wallace/Parish/Education

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