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Publications are arranged chronologically with the most recent listed first.

Creative Imaginings, Reflective Process and Facilitators Guide

by Donna Fyffe, September, 2016

by Donna Fyffe is a reflective process for small groups on the characteristics of emerging congregations and needed skills for 21st century women religious. 


In looking at what is emerging for women religious, it begs us to explore new insights so our behaviors begin to move us forward into the unfolding future.  This process is designed to explore the "What if" question of creative imagining and may also be helpful in working with groups to process the "What If?" article published in February 2017 by Mark Clarke. 

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Maximizing the Gift of the Eco-System

by Mark Clarke, April 2016

An indispensable question facing women religious today is, ‘in what ways do you desire to interface in a world that is radically redefining relationships and connectivity?’  This paradigm shift calls for a communal transformation in how religious congregations choose to relate in this expanding network environment. If women religious embrace this call, they must identify their resources and enter into a whole new way of being in relationship.