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Collective Awareness: Polarity Management 

by Donna Fyffe, Ed. S

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Polarities are the dilemmas in our life that have no ready solution or either/or answers.  The issues are interdependent or they are issues that hold a both/and perspective

Collective Awareness: A Non-defended Stance

by Donna Fyffe, Ed. S

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Reflect on how humans respond to unsettling changes and social challenges.  Discover characteristics of a defended person seeking to preserve his/her own identity and well-being, and the counter-cultural approach of embracing a non-defended stance to life.

Collective Awareness: Encountering Assumptions

by Donna Fyffe, Ed. S


Reflect on how assumptions, the stories we tell ourselves about a situation, are habitual and instinctual. They are impacted by the meanings we put on situations and eventually become our beliefs which aren’t always true. Acting out of false assumptions negatively impacts ourselves, our work, and those who are meaningful to us.

Contemplative Awareness: Engaging Collective Awareness through Contemplative Dialogue

by Donna Fyffe, Ed. S

Reflect on how we humans gather and store experiential information so we can then use it to make sense of things. Explore Contemplative Dialogue as an attitude and practice of being attentive and open to the mystery of life around us in a way that allows us to know it more intimately, more productively, and with a far richer understanding.

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